Live high/train low is a training method in which athletes live at high altitude and train at low altitude, usually with the goal of improving performance at sea level.

The main idea is to reap the benefits of high altitude acclimatization while maintaining the intensity of low altitude training.

The live high portion of the method is  simulated in each room of the house.

La Gleize – Stoumont, is famous for its great cycling roads and also races.  

The house is on the start of the hill ‘le rosier South’. The climb is special by its location in between Spa and Francorchamps but is also one of the highest points of the region with 564m.


Peak Loft has six rooms with the capacity to adjust climatic altitude conditions up to 5000m, enabling athletes to sleep high and train low without the need to leave the country, helping to enhance performance capability.

Sleep, rest and relaxation are vital parts of your training routine and recovery process.

Training at simulated altitude is comparable to training in the mountains. Mountain air contains less oxygen than air at sea level. At sea level, air contains 20.9% oxygen, and at 2500 meters the oxygen is down to 15.5%.

How it works is fairly simple. You inhale air that contains less oxygen which triggers the body. Inside the kidneys are sensitive cells that react to the lack of oxygen. They stimulate the production of erythropoietin. This hormone stimulates the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow.

These red blood cells transport oxygen through the body, this gives the muscles and organs more oxygen. More oxygen means a better circulation and improvement of metabolism.